TimeLapse Digital Completely Manages Your Project

  • Understand your end-use so the right components are employed
  • Scout for the best sites and angles
  • Negotiate multi-year agreement with adjacent building owners for undisturbed camera locations
  • Highly skilled technician maintains cameras for minimum down time
  • Live website available on your desktop or mobile devices
  • Video editing, soundtracks and company logos on final videos
  • A single agreement and your project is fully covered

Equipment isn’t enough. Excellent productions are the results of planning the project, backward from the final product and its presentation, to every step needed to reach the goals.

That’s why TimeLapse Digital manages every step. Our quality control and creativity are managed so you, the client, are in control. Our clients get the benefit of many years of project management and hands-on quality control.

For all your timelapse needs

We have the expertise to capture your construction project, facility update or manufacturing process.