About TimeLapse Digital

Rene Beland’s 27 years as a video editor gives the clients of TimeLapse Digital very reliable quality with excellent final presentation options. He has broad experience in news, dramatic, documentary and full feature productions.

The range of skills needed in his career included still photography, lighting, camera movement, many camera technologies, various editing systems, choosing soundtracks, audio systems, rough and final edits, and more.

Rene feels the most important step in production is beginning: the client, general contractor or producer discussion. There he’s able to envision the final presentation and choose the tools to deliver what’s needed.

The owner of the finished production needs to achieve specific goals, on time and on budget. Rene has formed his business around this requirement. His experiences, from evening TV news to full Hollywood projects has proven his skills: technically and artistically.

The TimeLapse Digital Story

Time-lapse photography uses the frequency at which film frames are captured is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster. Processes that would normally appear subtle to the human eye, become very pronounced.

Adaptable, rugged systems for almost any environment

There are several benefits to using digital monitoring systems for your project:

  • Using Canon SLR cameras, we have the highest resolution systems available on the market;
  • Systems can be used for monitoring of site and capturing time-lapse sequences;
  • Time-lapse sequences in any resolution, from the web to HDTV;
  • View your project from any web browser, anywhere in the world;
  • Immediate project updates and dissemination of vital information to relative parties such as Site Superintendents, Architects, Engineers and Sales Team;
  • Immediate access to recent and archived images;
  • Images are high-resolution print quality for off-set press applications;
  • Archive the images and web site available from TimeLapse Digital to lowering your total cost of ownership.

TimeLapse Digital offers various hardware solutions to fit your project. Everything from stand-alone network cams to complete pan-tilt weatherproof systems that can operate from -40C to 45C, with a windshield washer option. Drone camera systems are tested so the skilled operator captures excellent images and stills.

TimeLapse Digital is an incorporated company in Vancouver, BC, Canada. If you would like to discuss possible productions or feeds, please contact us.

The concept and business development behind TimeLapse Digital is the work of Rene Beland. Rene has a long history in the television industry as an editor and time-lapse cinematographer.

For all your timelapse needs

We have the expertise to capture your construction project, facility update or manufacturing process.