Nearly 20 years of real-world construction site photography and video has taught us a lot.

We’ve refined the processes, hardware, systems and editing so clients have the footage and live stream they need.

Decades of experience gives the clients of TimeLapse Digital great advantages. Location or studio video; stationary, mobile or aerial platforms; silent or full-sound audio: it’s all added to options clients need in their videos.

Construction general contractors, new building owners and marketing operations all use high-quality productions to achieve specific goals.

Viewers can use drone and time-lapse footage for project management, investment monitoring, sales promotions, safety audits and more.

From motivational promotions and traffic flow, to safety surveillance and construction documentation: each client’s requirements drive the solution.

Long-term for Construction, Promotion, Industrial, Research and Tourism Applications

TimeLapse Digital can provide systems for monitoring long-term construction projects, as well as industrial, research and tourism facilities. TimeLapse Digital has developed strategies, hardware and software tools specifically for these goals.


See a variety of time-lapse and drone video footage. View single camera, multiple cameras, wide angles or zoomed in for detail, bad weather, drone perspectives & flexibility. Let's discuss the options to best document your project or create powerful marketing experiences.

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Marketing & Investor Presentations

  • One-on-one or theatre-ready production
  • Video teasers, intros, edits, soundtrack and captions
  • Fully engaged viewers learn & participate in your offerings
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Safety or Project Manager Viewing Site
  • Quick spot checks
  • Time-stamped video allows for specific task/time monitoring
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Office Staff Follow Construction Progress
  • Interactive controls so they can rewind, fast forward
  • Long term engagement of your staff maintains their morale
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TimeLapse Digital Completely Manages Your Project

  • Understand your end-use so the right components are employed
  • Scout for the best sites and angles
  • Negotiate multi-year agreement with adjacent building owners for undisturbed camera locations
  • Highly skilled technician maintains cameras & live feeds for reliable video streams
  • Internet feed, cellular feed, video editing, sound-tracks and credits on final videos
  • A single agreement and your project is fully covered
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