Project and Safety Supervisor time savings

Time on-site is essential, but not always practical. When key people have a very tight schedule, they need more tools to make sure the work is done properly.

When we work with a client on a project, there are key times and locations that need special attention. It could be a continuous pour or a tower crane going up.  Each of those is an additional safety concern, and requires the complete attention of a Project Manager.

By scheduling and zooming in at those key times, your team gets much greater control. The high-resolution drone or adjustable time-lapse camera adds highly reliable assets for your supervisors.

Talk with TimeLapse Digital’s high experience professionals about your project’s requirements and the options we can put in place, for the more crucial events.

If your schedule changes from the original plan, a simple text, phone call or email will alert us. Fast response means you will get the extra coverage at your key times.

Time, Communication and Risk are the 3 most important factors in Time Management. Our on-going and repeat customers are proof that TimeLapse Digital helps keep those factors under control.