Marketing & Investor Presentations

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  • One-on-one or theatre-ready production
  • Video teasers, intros, edits, soundtrack and captions
  • Fully engaged viewers learn & participate in your offerings

Holding the attention of investors and showing potential owners your unique building takes multiple media formats. The power of video to create emotion will boost people’s memory of your offerings.

Whether the presentation is in an auditorium or used in a private meeting via a tablet, you are in charge. Easy-to-use controls keeps the presenter on target. Drone footage showing the neighbourhood and time-lapse to show the construction progress: let’s discuss what’s right for your audience.

TimeLapse Digital offers the full range of video and still photo technologies, soundtrack creation, editing options and display set-ups.

Tell us what your end-goal is, and we can provide cost-effective choices.

For all your timelapse needs

We have the expertise to capture your construction project, facility update or manufacturing process.