If you are reviewing suppliers of time-lapse and drone photography and video services, then you need to compare the companies.

While the hardware is essential, it’s the professional operators, editors and more who can complete the professional presentation.

The explosion of remote technologies, drones and more has given TimeLapse Digital a great selection of tools. Then we optimized our systems based on experience and client’s requirements.

That’s why our clients stay with us for years, project after project. 90% of our new clients come from referrals. Call and ask us your tough questions.

Choose a company with people as reliable as their hardware.

We have a time-lapse for a large construction project, with an internet feed, for a couple of years. I asked various filmmakers and found Rene's contact information. Professional, positive attitudes, great to work with, everything worked as expected.
Focused Projects

He is really helpful, very prompt. He solves problems whenever I have a question. He quickly comes back to me with solution, very good experience with him.

KPMG Management Services
We have a camera located on a building tracking the construction of our large tower located in Coquitlam, so it will be there for several years. I’d recommend them and we are happy with the service.
Marcon Developments
Our company uses them, he’s in out database. He does drone footage for us that’s used for marketing.
Naikoon Developments
I got in contact with Rene as a result of a reference. He was willing to support the equipment; the other company was distant and was happy to sell the equipment, but there was going to be a lot more management on it. It's been a positive experience working with Rene and Timelapse.
Maple Ridge Fire Department Services