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The Technology

The Technology behind our services

Timelapse Digital is focused on helping our customers capture their construction projects in timelapse.  Using the power of digital imaging to promote your construction site on the internet. Our technology will digitize your project in the highest resolution available on the market, while still being one of the most cost effective and valuable tools available.  Using Canon Digital SLR cameras as the bases of our technology and combined with weatherproof housings and computer control systems, our gear delivers timelapse footage at HDTV and UltraHD resolutions and internet access for jobsite monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Custom Timelapse Systems

  • Support for all modern Canon DSLR cameras
  • Support for the widest lenses on the market including 180° Fisheye
  • Pole/wall mounting and very small footprint
  • Uses standard 110 volt power
  • Custom designed low power controller module
  • 128GB+128GB redundant local camera storage
  • All weather camera enclosure

Web Hosted Jobsite

We archive all your images from the start to the finish at our webhosting platform. Access all the images your camera has captured from our HTML5 standards compliant web slideshows. HTML5 means you can access the images regardless of device. No special apps are required on mobile devices since the slideshow webpage can be saved and launched as a web app.

  • Displays FULL RESOLUTION pictures
  • HTML 5 Desktop and Mobile slideshow
  • Calendar based image navigation
  • Image markup tools for drawing or notation
  • Image commenting
  • Multiple views from one interface
  • Adjustible playback speed
  • Compare tool lets you view two pictures at once
  • Quickly save, email, and share an image directly from the slideshow
  • Can be embedded inline in any html file on your existing webpage
  • Smooth pan and zoom animations
  • Touch enabled interface for ease of use on tablets