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Support and FAQs

Can I get clips in PAL format?  

Yes you can. However you cannot download PAL— they must be special ordered.

Can I get clips shipped outside the US or Canada?  

Yes, if you need we can ship anywhere that Fedex goes to.

Are the original files available for the clips I see on your site?  

Unfortunately not. If you need the best quality for FX work, then you should be ordering the High Def file to get the maximum resolution and quality.

So everything is shot digitally, is the quality as good as film?  

TimeLapse Digital only uses Nikon Digital SLR's to capture our footage. The quality of their CCDs is unmatched in the digital world and indeed rival 35mm film. Digital cameras allow us to capture situations that would be extremely difficult, or at the very least expensive, if we used a tradition film camera. Also, our clients find that our shots have their own "look" that stands out from the pack.

Why are some clips more expensive than others?  

The price of a clip depends largely on the cost of production of that clip. Sunrise and sunset are the most time consuming so they are the most expensive. Some shots are composites of Day and Night or the same location shot at two different times so they cost more because of the time involved.

How can I use this clip?  

TimeLapse Digital clips are licensed to you to be used in your program, commercial, website, etc. that you specify in your order. OUR SHOTS ARE NOT ROYALTY FREE so you must specify when ordering what the project is and agree to not use it in other unrelated work. To refer to our license agreement please CLICK HERE.

I'm worried about download times or I don't want my shot compressed. What other options do I have?  

Like our High Def shots which are "order and ship", you can also decide to special order a clip as an uncompressed file in 16x9 or 4x3, specifying NTSC or PAL. An additional processing fee as well as shipping will be added to cost of the clip.

Once I pay for a clip, how long do I have to download it?  

You have a window of 3 days to download the clip. If your computer crashes or you experience difficulty, you can log back on to your account and try the download again.

Do I have to render the clips after I download them?  

Depends on which system you use, we haven't tested every edit system out there so you may need to render on some systems. Another option would be to render the shot out into the format you need in After Effects or a similar graphics program.

Can I use TimeLapse Digital's clips with a 720x480(DV Resolution) editing system?  

Absolutely! Most video edit systems will import TimeLapse Digital QuickTime files directly and automatically convert them to OMF, MPEG-2, or other proprietary formats when necessary. However, certain video editing applications will scale 720x486 footage down to 720x480 instead of cropping it. Please crop the footage because scaling will unnecessarily soften the image. For instance, to crop imported footage in Premiere, use the Image Pan plug-in in the Transform folder to clip 2 lines off the top and 4 lines off the bottom of your footage. To import 720x486 clips into a 720x480 Avid(such as Avid DV Express/Pro), select "Maintain non-square pixels" and "non-interlaced" in the import settings dialog. This will crop 4 pixel rows from the top of the frame and 2 pixel rows from the bottom — thus keeping the fields and the field order intact.

What are the technical specifications of the files I download?  

Our files are D1 NTSC 720 by 486 for both "4x3 Standard Definition" and "16x9 Widescreen" and our footage is "non interlaced" or "progressive scan". If you must specify the field order on your system, technically the shots are "lower field first" or "even". Your edit system will display the proper pixel aspect ratio for the 16x9 footage when you choose that setting. Please refer to your owner's manual to switch your edit system from 4x3 to 16x9.

Why are the clips on this site compressed with Photo-JPEG?  

Photo-JPEG enables us to get the clips down to a size that makes delivery on the internet possible. Photo-JPEG is by far the least destructive of all the codecs and is quickly becoming the standard for stock footage sites that offer downloads. Side by side comparisons with the original shots show virtually no difference.

Does TimeLapse Digital share my information with others?  

No. At TimeLapse Digital, your privacy is one of our top priorities. TimeLapse Digital never sells or shares your information with anyone else. All account related transactions are fully encrypted using 128 bit encryption. We purchase our secure certificates from one of the leading certificate authorities. In addition to our secure transactions, your credit card numbers are not stored locally on any of our servers.

I'm getting an error message when I click on the clips.  

Quicktime is required to view all clips on Download Quicktime Now. Once installed the shots will preview properly on your system. If you would like to save a preview to your computer, you will need to right-click (PC) or ctrl-click (MAC) and choose "save target as" or "download link to disc" to save the clip to your hard-drive.

I want to make sure your clips will work and look OK in my edit program before I make a purchase. Can I do this?  

Yes, we have a 2 second test clip you can download to see our NTSC resolution and make sure that it works properly in the edit system. For Windows users "right click" HERE and save target to your hard-drive and then import into your edit system. For Mac users "Control click" HERE and download link to disk. From there you can import the shot into your edit system.

How do I store and organize clips I might want to purchase later?  

In the view clip window, click on "Add Shopping Cart". You can store your clips in this cart, and then later review them, eliminating any you don't want, before proceeding to checkout.

How do I find a clip?  

Simply enter a keyword or keywords into our search engine, or choose a category and subcategory from the category menu. Thumbnails of representative clips will be displayed. Click on the clips to open the "View Clip" window and view them in quicktime.

What is TimeLapse Digital Inc.?  

TimeLapse Digital Inc. is a Vancouver, BC based company that specializes in shooting motion control time-lapse for the film and television industry. Our services are two-fold. We sell our footage here on our website and we offer our services to do custom shooting for you.