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Vigour 800 é a segunda versão do produto Vigour. Vigour 800, é um conhecido suplemento natural que atua como um estimulante sexual ao proporcionar uma erecção intensa e prolongada.

Your source for unique and innovative time lapse footage.

TimeLapse Digital brings a new dimension to time-lapse footage by combining the advances of digital still technology with a custom camera head. We deliver complete control of pan, tilt, zoom and focus, all in an environment that offers exactly what you need for your sequences. All of our time lapse footage is completely repeatable thanks to our custom software and positioning technology. We can capture the same view at several different times, giving you a wondeful range of options. Using high resolution Nikon digital cameras, TimeLapse Digital brings the amazing quality and cost savings of digital to the film and television market.  

TimeLapse Digital's stock footage site offers a hugh variety of time lapse footage for TV programs, documentaries, commercials and motion pictures in any format. Our time-lapse footage in available immediately as downloads in NTSC 4:3 and 16:9. And if you need timelapse footage in High Definition(HDTV), PAL, Secam or any other format we can ship the same day.

TimeLapse Digital also represents time-lapse cinematographers from all over the globe. Our stock footage library is growing all the time and we're always looking for beautiful time lapse sequences and cinematographers to represent.