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Construction Promotional


Long-term and Short-Term Monitoring for Construction, Promotion, Industrial, Research and Tourism Applications

TimeLapse Digital can provide systems for monitoring long-term construction projects, as well as industrial, research and tourism facilities. We can also arrange short-term monitoring for one-off effects such as marketing and promotional events. TimeLapse Digital has developed strategies, hardware and software tools specifically for these goals.


If you would like to see our technology in action, please visit the site below.

Teck Acute

Teck Acute Care Centre  - Children's Hospital Vancouver BC


Sample Videos of Various Timelapse Projects



BCMEA Gantry Crane Assembly


Gantry Crane Assembly at Mitchell Island, BC over a 10 week period.


3 Year Condominium Project goes up in 60 Seconds

Timelapse capture of the entire build of a condominium tower

includes a sunset behind the tower once the building is complete.


Cambie Demolition

The demoliton of  an old retail space before the construction of a new Condominium complex.


15th Floor Concrete Pour

Documentting the week long construction of the 15th Floor of a commercial building.


Vertical Wall Gardening

Installation of a Vertical Garden over the course of 2 months.


Four Floor Walk-up 

18 month timelapse capture of 4 floor Walk-up condominium in North Vancouver.


Hotel Wrapped in Canada Flag 

The wrapping of a construction site with the Canada flag in honour of the 2010 Olympics. 


Trout Lake Arena Roof Installation

Timelapse capture of an arena roof installation.  Captured from the tower crane

and adjacent building for the installation of main support.


Timelapse Digital Motion Control Demo

Demo of various clips that where shot for TV, Film and Commercials.